Ecco quanto ha scritto Byron dopo la sua visita nave, questa è la prima occasione per Byron di salire su una nave a New York presentandosi come notro reporter ed avendo ricevuto l'invito in quanto tale, per cui è un ottimo passo avanti per noi di Liveboat.
Appena riordinato il materiale video e foto, lo inseriremo qui di seguito ed avere le foto di questa nave arricchirà notevolmente la nostra gallery.

Yesterday was a historical visit ,
the tour of Eurodam was sucsessfull.

However the crows nest & the ny times bar was not thoroughly photographed , we will mention it & use a stock photograph.

Yet most of the spaces were photographed to the fullest extent such as the main atrium , the theatre & the Lido buffet & the facilities such as the restaurant & the many things aboard.

I spent a total of 5 hours aboard ,
I'm writing a review of the food served and I'll also be editing the video from the trip.

Onboard I was able to get great photos of the many things such as the kids room & one suite.

Although not a complete review a lot of work was done for a ton of things had to be explored which is very time consuming indeed.

Meet with Marco who is the hotel manager & the event planner Elizabeth , which was very sweet.

A lot of progress ,
will be uploading photographs shortly.
Hope all is well ,
good day!
Byron H.