Compagnie du Ponant is a French cruise line company. It launched the first French cruise ship. It was founded in April 1988 by Philippe Videau and Jean-Emmanuel Saved, and other officers of the French Merchant Navy. Initially based in Nantes, since 2006 the headquarters of this company has been Marseille following its acquisition by CMA CGM.

Compagnie du Ponant è una Compagnia da crociera francese, ha lanciato la prima nave da crociera francese, è stata fondata nel 1988 da Philippe Videau e da Jean- Emmnulel Saved e altri ufficiali della Marina mercantile francese. Aveva inizialmente la sua base a Nantes, ma dal 2006 il suo quartier generale si è spostato a Marsiglia dopo la sua acquisizione da parte di CMA e CGM.

The company has three different ships:

Le Ponant: barque built in 1991, 32 cabins for 64 passengers and 32 crew members
Le Levant: yacht built in 1998, 45 cabins for 90 passengers and 55 crew members
Le Diamant, formerly the Song of Flower (1974): luxury liner bought in 2004, 113 cabins for 226 passengers and 120 crew
Le Boréal : the latest flagship of the Compagnie du Ponant, built in 2009, 132 cabins and suites for 264 passengers and 140 crew members. The Boreal won the award for "Best Newcomer of the Year - GOLD from the European Cruiser Association (EUCRAS).

Under construction

A new yacht, built at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri will be delivered in 2011, with 132 booths from 224 to 264 passengers and 139 crew

L'Austral Austral

Compagnie du Ponant Cruises offers all-season cruises, in places inaccessible to larger cruise liners

Northern Europe and Greenland, Scandinavia, Baltic and Iceland
Adriatic and Mediterranean: Corsica, Italy, Croatia , Aegean and Black Sea
Iberian Peninsula
Red Sea and Persian Gulf
Indian Ocean: Maldives
South and Central America