S.S Norway Anthology PT 1

This is a collection of video and photos from the span of over 40 years ,
this video is a historical record and a memorial to the great liner the S.S Norway / France.

A Liveboat USA Production.

Edited , restored and remastered by :
Byron Huart

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nbzhr2M ... ure=relmfu


S.S Norway Anthology PT 2

S.S Norway Anthology PT 2 , in this video we see video & Images of the S.S Norway's last era of peace in the 90's through the 2001.

We also the rare meeting of the S.S Norway and QE2 in Southampton ,
and rare video & photos of her cruises in the Caribbean.

In 2001th Norway her final Americas voyage to New York City , Canada / New England and her final transatlantic voyage , during which 9/11 happened while she was in the Atlantic on her way to France.

Here you will see video and photos of her final visit to New York and while she was at sea during 9/11.

It's a story of the end of an era , the farewell of 2 icons of the last age of peace in the dawn of a new century.

The World Trade center and the S.S Norway serving out her final years before her demise came , this video is a memorial to all those who sailed on her and to those who's lives the Norway/France touched.

A Liveboat USA Production.

Photo & video : Various sources ,
Miss Veronica Salisbury.

Remastered & Edited by :
Byron Huart

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4skTyjji ... ideo_title