This is Liveboat USA here , reporting from Staten Island New York where the fleet is docked along with the USS New York for Fleet Week 2011.

It was a sunny & very hot Memorial day here in Staten Island as thousands waited in the hot sun to take tours of the Navy vessels.

This trip marked a very special visit to the USS New York where hundreds of people gathered at the city's flagship to visit her.
It was the first time the New York had been to Manhattan since her commissioning in Nov of 2009.

Our tour started as we looked at the cargo bays and the flight deck & finally to the bridge , there we got an exclusive view of what its like on the bridge of the Navy's finest ship & a million dollar view on the bridge wings of the New York skyline , in the distance we can see the new World Trade Center 1 rising downtown.

Later in the day as I was aboard , I sketched a drawing of the New York along side the cityscape.
I then presented it Commander. William Herrmann of the USS New York as a token of friendship and good luck to the many sailors and marines who serve aboard her.

At the end of the day , I departed Staten Island and as we sailed aboard the Staten Island ferry we caught our last glimpse of the New York as the summer sun set over the harbor.

Special thanks to the crew of the USS New York.

A Liveboat USA production.

Video & Photographs by :
Byron Huart ... ideo_title