HELLO! Everyone!!! This is the famous Mr.Byron here ,
very happy to see you all and in this new forum section where I will be posting new topics and much of my amazing and exclusive videos for all our viewers to see.

It has been an amazing 2 years and this September will mark our first ship visit in the USA since then we have visited 6 major cruise liners and
have documented various arrivals and new events including our triumphant victory of the 2011 New York cruise symposium where we LIVEBOAT
Were the youngest and most effective news media outlet on the scene where we got exclusive and and outstanding photos and video no one has!

No other media outlet has featured the symposium in such detail as we have ,
we have very special thanks to Tom Spina and the NYEDC for everything and for everyones open arms in welcoming us.

Liveboat is a beautiful organization ,
since I joined the crew it has been my mission to bring this new outlet both technologically superior and modern born from Italy to the USA
where we can grow and expand.

Without the support of everyone and the fans and all of our viewers including enthusiasts such as myself , this would all not have been possible.

I have worked many man hours and countless days to perfect and expand our permanent base here in the United States , including new content in HD and superior & exclusive coverage of many events such as Fleet Week 2011 where we visited 2 Navy ships and the USS New York where I presented a special art piece to the Commanding officer to commemorate our visit and as a token of friendship.

We are the only cruise publication that has covered Fleet week ,
we are the first publication to expand from Italy to the USA in rapid time and effectively produce continuing coverage of not only cruise / travel events but of maritime and cultural events.

It is here we have our continuing mission ,
to provide the east coast & the rest of the world with exclusive coverage they can only find here.

Everyone , it's been an honor.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming months.

Cheers!!! *grazie