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This is part 1 in the series of when I made my pilgrimage to Lower Manhattan to visit the WTC site on the 10 year mark since 9/11/2001.

Unfortunately due to heavy security I was unable to document the events at the memorial yet I discovered other events unfolding before me and new discoveries ahead.

At Battery Park I witnessed on hand the Presidential Helicopter arriving with Air force escort and the USS New York stationed in front of the WTC on the Hudson river. On the Jersey side you could see hundreds whom had gathered to see the mighty ship stationed in front of the developing site and clear as the eye can see the new WTC1is taking shape.

I also meet world renowned artist "The Queen of Salt" Miss. Bettina Werner
as she was observing the unfolding events taking place.
A Liveboat USA Production & exclusive presentation.

Video & photographs by :
Byron Huart