Byron come sapete abita a New York e la sua famiglia nel New Jersey.
Questo uragano ga fatto gravissimi danni in quei luoghi, fortunatamente lui e la sua famiglia sono illesi ma stanno vivendo un brutto momento di disagio.
Vi copi il messaggio che mi ha scritto, penso che il vostro sostegno sarebbe gradito e gli potrÓ arrivare attraverso queste pagine.

Ciao Byron Good Luck

[important:uf2a1i7m]Byron H
Hello Rosalba!
We are fine & alive but we are in chaos , most of the Northeast is out and there is massive destruction across the region , we are without power but thankfully seeking refuge at local refuge stations.
Thank you for you warm regards.[/important:uf2a1i7m]

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This is madness!!!!
The sea levels risen , flooding , HMS Bounty sunk off the coast of NC this is crazy , besides who the hell told them to sail dead on in a Hurricane? Bad judgement indeed..... I'm hatched down in my home now trying to ride out the storm and the approaching winds of hell.

I already have , also I visited battery park , its underwater along with most of Hoboken and the Jersey city coast line. It's really bad , was on the last Staten Island ferry before the ferrys stopped running , we had heavy winds and the ship rocking to giant waves. Scott Becker , Joey Thorke & Ailsa Dixon Thanks for the warm regards , I'm lucky to have power I pray for my friends in South Jersey & Philly who are taking the blunt of it. Not to mention I had 3 events cancelled I just hope Halloween is still on , I do the Halloween parade all the time and now that Frakenstorm has come its a mess , and I thought the snowstorm from hell was bad ... this is a catastrophe.