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Ci sono molte navi, molte Compagnie e tutte hanno regole diverse.

Queste che riporto di seguito sono le tariffe di Silversea 2013.

Pricing applies for all Internet access, whether a guest uses an Internet Café Terminal or their own wireless laptop.

Q: How are Internet-related pricing options selected and billed?
A: All pricing is displayed and selected on-screen, whether a guest is using an Internet Café Terminal, or their own laptop. All charges are billed directly to their stateroom.
Q: What pricing options are available?
A: Three pricing options are available.
• Time Plan 1: 1,000 minutes for $250.00 ($0.25 per minute)
• Time Plan 2: 250 minutes for $85.00 ($0.34 per minute)
• Time Plan 3: 100 minutes for $45.00 ($0.45 per minute)
• Pay-As-You-Go: A per-minute rate of $0.50 applies.
• Please note: Time Plan minutes can be used anytime throughout the cruise. They do not have to be used in a single session. A Time Plan can first be utilized on a laptop, and then in the Internet Café, and vice versa (Time Plans are interchangeable between systems).