How to get to & from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Express style

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In this feature we show you how to get to the Brooklyn Cruise terminal located in Red Hook Brooklyn either by car , walking even by bicycle. The 1st part we go through the front gate on Bowne Street , past the armada of taxi cabs to the main entry gate and the main terminal building where taxis & limos pick up & drop off passengers awaiting check in and boarding.

Today we see the beautiful Queen Mary 2 docked at the pier on a beautiful Sunday Morning readying for her next voyage.

After leaving the terminal we showcase the little known express route for passengers to get to and from Manhattan without having to get in a cab or an express bus & ultimately to save $$$.

The Ikea water taxi offers a quick and effective way to get to and from Red hook in less than 30 mins , it also offers a stunning of the harbor & skyline as well as a grand view of Queen Mary 2 docked at the terminal as well as the other ships that dock there as well .

Schedules and the complete directions are on 4:264:54

A Liveboat USA Production

Video and Photographs by :
Byron Huart

Copyright Byron Huart 2012


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