Liveboat supports the SS United States Conservancy.

November 27 2010
Today , we of the Liveboat International announce our 
full support to the SS United Conservancy .
Over the course of the coming months , we will work with them to further spread the word across the world and keep the fight strong to save America’s flagship to be preserved for future generations to come.
The SS United States is a marvel of Navel Engineering and today still holds the record for the fastest passenger ship ever built by an American ship yard.
She has been sitting in Pier 82 in Philadelphia since 1996 and is in dire need of repairs and refurbishment.
On July 1st our reporter Byron Huart joined the National Celebration event
in Philadelphia hosted across the street at the Penns Landing Ikea store .
There he got a full broadside view of the SS United States docked at her berth at Penns landing ,
through his thorough and highly detailed photographic analysis of the ship we can clearly see that she is in serious decay.
Mr. Huart also stayed overnight in Philly after the celebration ended only to witness a truly once and a lifetime moment , the first sunrise over the SS United States in Philadelphia only hours after the special announcement had been made about the stay of execution of the beloved flagship.
The event  was televised and published on various news stations and internet sources including the world famous Maritime Matters suite where our reporter Byron wrote a full article chronicling the series of events that took place that day , the article on Maritime Matters was a huge success and has since received many views and comments.
Today the Conservancy is at it’s most dire moment ,
the proposal for the SS United States to be a part of the planned Fox Woods Casino project in South Philly.

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