Global Ports Holding inizia le operazioni nel porto crocieristico di Santa Lucia

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Global Ports Holding inizia le operazioni nel porto crocieristico di Santa Lucia

Global Ports Holding Plc (GPH), il più grande operatore portuale da crociera al mondo, ha celebrato l’inizio dei servizi di gestione delle crociere a Port Castries da parte del Saint Lucia Cruise Port (SLCP) con il governo di Saint Lucia. L’evento è stato osservato durante una cerimonia speciale

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Global Ports Holding Begins Operations at Saint Lucia Cruise Port

Global Ports Holding Plc (GPH), the world’s largest cruise port operator, celebrated the commencement of cruise management services at Port Castries by Saint Lucia Cruise Port (SLCP) with the Government of Saint Lucia. The event was observed at a special ceremony held at the Northern Wharf of the port and was attended by government dignitaries and key port partners.  Saint Lucia Cruise Port is a subsidiary of Global Ports Holding.

Mehmet Kutman, Chairman and CEO of Global Ports Holding, expressed his team’s appreciation for its partnership with the government during his remarks at the event. “We are honored to be here on this momentous occasion and to partner with the Government of Saint Lucia to mark the commencement of our cruise port management services. We want to thank Prime Minister Philip Pierre, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister Stephenson King, and the entire government team for their commitment and cooperation in bringing this moment to fruition.”

Mr. Kutman placed special emphasis on the relationship between the Saint Lucia Cruise Port team and the community.  “We would be remiss in not thanking all of the stakeholders who participated in the negotiations process and those who helped us to improve our plans by sharing your direct and prompt feedback. Your contributions and support have made it possible for us to be here today.  Through our continued collaboration, this investment in our collective future will surely generate abundant returns for Saint Lucia for many years.”

Prime Minister Pierre thanked the GPH team and emphasized the nature of its historic partnership with the government. “What we have is a new economic arrangement.  We will get the best of both worlds – we let you develop the infrastructure in exchange for a “rental” of the cruise port for 30 years, but you will pay us. You will employ people and you will improve the quality of life of the people of Saint Lucia.  That is what is most important to me.”  He added that, “We had very tough negotiations, but the end result will benefit the people of Saint Lucia and we are very happy. GPH has my full support. We need you to begin to do the work as soon as possible. The people of Soufriere, Bananes, the Vendors Arcade – we are expecting you to deliver. Welcome to Saint Lucia, thank you, and we hope to have a lasting relationship with you.”

Deputy Prime Minister Hilaire summarized one of the main reasons why GPH was selected as the preferred partner to manage the cruise port and related services. “There’s been a lot of criticism over the years about cruise tourism. Hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to our shores. And people ask, what do we get in return? The truth is, there is so much that you can get in return…they will come, they will go to your beaches, but they won’t spend money. GPH knows how to get visitors to spend more money in destinations, so [working with] GPH is a natural fit for us.  And in Saint Lucia, we want exactly that. We want more visitors to come in and spend more money. We need to take Saint Lucia to a higher level…and GPH will come in now to assist in creating a higher level of experience [for our visitors].

“We are extremely excited to add Saint Lucia Cruise Port to our global family,” said Mike Maura, Jr. GPH Regional Director of Americas. “The Eastern Caribbean will play a vital strategic role in the future of our regional growth and Saint Lucia is a destination that is unparalleled. We believe in the potential of the future of cruise tourism here and are very pleased to have added a team of Saint Lucians, led by Lancelot Arnold, to our expanding regional team. The opportunities that we will create here, in partnership with local and industry stakeholders, will uplift the entire country to the benefit of all Saint Lucians.”

Lancelot Arnold, Director of GPH Eastern Caribbean and General Manager of Saint Lucia Cruise Port, shared the enthusiasm of the SLCP team. “We are immensely proud to officially assume management of cruise operations at Port Castries. Today’s achievement is the result of an exceptional amount of hard work and commitment by many people. We have spent months preparing extensively for this moment and are ready to move full speed ahead. We are fully aligned with all key partners to ensure that we can begin operations with a seamless transfer of service.”

“Following today’s announcement,” he continued, “our project designs will undergo refinement in collaboration with our stakeholders prior to submission to government for approval. Construction will commence upon receipt of the requisite regulatory permits. Meanwhile, we will establish our offices and continue operation of the cruise port in preparation for the start of the new cruise season in October.”

He emphasized, “Enhancements to the berth at Pointe Seraphine in Castries will assist in reaching our passenger traffic targets by accommodating the world’s largest cruise ships. These days, cruise lines are constructing vessels that are wider and longer than ever before. It’s imperative that we modernize our port infrastructure to welcome these new ships and maintain our competitiveness as a premier cruising destination.”

Planning for the influx of larger ships and increased visitors also requires careful consideration of traffic management, a critical aspect of the redevelopment effort that the SLCP team will diligently address in collaboration with government and other stakeholders. By introducing innovative strategies to enhance the flow of passenger and area traffic, including the establishment of new tender jetties and ferry services for transporting larger groups of people by sea, Arnold and his team foresee that the project will create more opportunities for Saint Lucian entrepreneurs. “At GPH,” Arnold added,” our aim is to advance solutions that address the needs of the community while contributing to societal improvement and economic growth. By working with key stakeholders to create these kinds of initiatives, we will certainly achieve this goal in Saint Lucia.”

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